Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

Messaging dialogs and conversations with clients are key elements of a successful relationship management today. They are fast, targeted and non-disturbing. Multiple messaging channels (emails, SMS, voice messages, RCS, instant messengers) are combined based on preference of the client.

In this area we offer the following services:

  • Customer Conversation Services for CRM
  • Mobile marketing
  • Notification services
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Mobile applications
  • One Time Passwords
  • Professional Services
  • Application Development

Technology is getting more and more connected with financial and insurance services. Not only in payment services (contactless and mobile payments, pay per use schemes) but also as a key value added to home insurance contracts, leasing contract etc. Home insurance contracts might be cheaper for consumers in case they install smart home appliances and services to limit damages in case of an accident as an example.

We are ready to fully operate needed infrastructure as well as related business processes:

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Service Delivery Platform as a Service
  • Telco Infrastructure Operations
  • Professional Services
  • Application Development
  • Smart Home Infrastructure & Applications