COMVERGA launches first RBM pilot campaign

29.08. 2023 |  Czech Republic

COMVERGA was one of the first to connect commercially to the networks of Czech operators via the RCS standard. It thus gains the opportunity to provide its services and communication platform for companies that want to use RCS for their marketing and communication needs. This allows these companies to interact with their customers through the enhanced features of RCS and provide them with a richer and more interactive communication experience.

As a result, COMVERGA used RCS for its first commercial campaign and communication with target audiences during the summer of 2023. Our platform provides an easy way to define a complete campaign, including target groups, content and communication channels. This means that RCS can be effectively used as a means to interact with customers through attractive competitions, offers and other forms of communication.

You can try the RCS campaign here. Not only customers of COOP stores can compete for attractive prizes from COOP Mobil. They will go through the entire competition in one RCS conversation.

More about COMVERGA RCS/RBM can be found here

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a standard for enhanced text communication between mobile devices that offers advanced features over regular SMS messages. This standard allows you to send multimedia content such as images, videos, locations and more.


Service Delivery Platform (SDP) certification for Germany

29.08. 2023 |  Germany

During June 2023, we achieved success when COMVERGA received a prestigious certificate from the expert office of Dr. Scheffel. This certificate confirms that COMVERGA is authorized to use the “tested system” brand for its Service Delivery Platform. The certification is the result of a successful verification of the processes by which COMVERGA demonstrated the correct billing of telecommunications services.

The awarded certificate confirms that COMVERGA’s SDP system for the provision of services and the evaluation of telecommunications traffic data meets all the requirements set by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) in accordance with the current Telecommunications Act (TKG) § 63.

Obtaining this certificate represents a great achievement for COMVERGA and is a testament to its excellent work and dedication to the highest standards in the field of telecommunications. With this certificate, COMVERGY’s customers and partners can confidently use our services, knowing that they are provided with the highest quality and in compliance with the relevant legislation.
This milestone is a major step in the future development of our telecommunications services.