CAMPERSIM opens up unlimited Internet possibilities on the go

(also thanks to the COMVERGA solution)

01.09. 2023 |  Germany

CAMPERSIM by ProVerDa GmbH represents another successful project launched on the COMVERGA platform. This service, offered by our German partner, allows users and motorhome owners to stream their favorite series, surf the Internet and work remotely without restrictions. CAMPERSIM opens up unlimited Internet possibilities on the go. 

The end user does not have to worry about running out of data on the SIM card. In a simple user interface, he can easily monitor the status of his data, order another data package and make a payment directly through the payment gateway. Its data limit will be increased as needed, and the user will also receive the necessary documents, which are generated fully automatically. 

Thanks to our COMVERGA Billing for FUSION IoT solution, the partner has the opportunity to individually define their packages with different names and prices. It can modify these settings at any time or establish specific conditions for its customers.  

CAMPERSIM is a card for currently more than 36 countries with a total of 106 networks – including, for example, Switzerland and all Scandinavian countries. More information at: 

You can find more about the COMVERGA Billing for FUSION IoT service here.