Billing for FUSION IoT

Billing for FUSION IoT

The FUSION IoT customer and partner data SIM card management platform – straightforward, automatic and administrative burden free. The user-friendly interface provides End users with information about the SIM card and data usage overview, while allowing data purchase and online payment.

We are a long-standing partner and supplier of the FUSION IoT platform. As a result, we are now able to offer COMVERGA Billing for FUSION IoT, which allows us to provide additional services on M2M SIM cards throughout their lifecycle.

The service is intended for all FUSION IoT customers and partners who want to offer data top-up, provide all information about the SIM card, etc. to the End users of their devices with a FUSION IoT SIM card. 

Main benefits

Simple and online

Clear and intuitive
user web self-care

Data rebuy within few clicks,
online payment

Automatic generation
of documents

End user

Solution description

The End user gets

  • Data usage overview
  • Data rebuys
  • Convenient online payment

Customer / Partner gets

  • User web self-care
  • Personalised payment confirmation
  • Effortless summary for accounting

Billing for FUSION IoT offers

  • Status overview
  • Data package order flow
  • Money collection via multiple payment channels/methods
  • Automatic document issuance for End users and for your accounting
  • End user notifications before package exhaustion (time/volume)


3 months


49 €*
  • Comprehensive and straightforward user interface
  • Effortless set up
  • SIM card status overview
  • Data usage overview
  • Widget for integration into your own environment

* No set-up fee | Prices are without VAT



99 €*
  • All functionality from STARTER
  • Custom data management on the SIM card
  • Online card payment
  • Personalised payment confirmation for End customers
  • Automated summary documents for accounting

* No set-up fee | Prices are without VAT



Per scope
  • Pricing according to individual requirements
  • Example
  • Customer structure, commission setup
  • Automatic processing of commissions
  • Automatic processing of commissions
  • Etc.

* No set-up fee | Prices are without VAT

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