Equipment for caravans and motorhomes

Equipment for caravans and motorhomes

Equipment for caravans and motorhomes

The Partner supplies Equipment for a strong internet coverage in caravans and motorhomes. These devices use FUSION IoT SIM cards. Typical users of these devices are the Caravan owners, but also people who only rent a caravan for their holidays.

All of them would like to relax with a nice movie or football in the caravan after returning from a trip, but also perhaps to work and to be able to connect to an online meeting.

So internet connectivity is a key for them. 


GPS tracking systems for vehicles, data connectivity


Solutions for internet access on the go


Telecommunications operator - retail




Bundle smartwatch + data connectivity


Security systems


Cameras with online streaming

What was the Partner solving?

The Partner purchases SIM cards from FUSION IoT with the required data volume, inserts them into devices and equips the caravan or motorhome with those devices.

However, the End user does not have the possibility to check the SIM card status, to purchase the required data, to set up the usage length etc.


What did the Partner get?

The Partner thus receives additional revenue from package purchases, fully automated and with no need of any manual intervention in the process.

COMVERGA for End users

  • The FUSION IoT SIM card validity information
  • Data balance and usage information
  • Data packages offer from the Partner
  • Online payment
  • Payment confirmation

COMVERGA for the Partner (supplier)

  • Money withdrawal
  • Money transfer to the Partner
  • Generating of a Payment confirmation to End users
  • Summary docs issuance for the Partner’s accounting
  • End user notification before expiry or data exhaustion