Supplier of security equipment with camera recording

Supplier of security equipment with camera recording

Supplier of Security equipment with Camera recording

Partner is a supplier of Security equipment for households and industrial buildings. These devices use FUSION IoT M2M SIM cards The data is mainly pumped through the camera that starts streaming images in case of an incident.

The partner supplies SIM cards with a data volume expecting to be sufficient for the use in these devices. However, it is very difficult to estimate the specific volume required, which may vary according to usage, number of incidents, etc.


GPS tracking systems for vehicles, data connectivity


Solutions for internet access on the go


Telecommunications operator - retail




Bundle smartwatch + data connectivity


Security systems


Cameras with online streaming

What was the Partner solving?

  • The data on the SIM card is exhausted or about to be exhausted
  • The lifetime of the security device is longer than the validity of the SIM card itself

In both cases the Partner would like to enable to End user to manage the SIM cards by his own, extend its validity, and purchase the necessary data.


What did the Partner get?

The partner thus receives additional revenue from Data package purchases, fully automated and with no need of any manual intervention in the process.

COMVERGA for End users

  • The FUSION IoT SIM card validity information
  • Data balance and usage information
  • Data packages offer from the Partner
  • Online payment
  • Payment confirmation

COMVERGA for Partner (Supplier)

  • Money withdrawal
  • Money transfer to the Partner
  • Generating of a Payment confirmation to End users
  • Summary docs issuance for the Partner’s accounting
  • End user notification before expiry or data exhaustion