Communication is a key tool for building and maintaining a healthy society. Communication takes place between humans, between humans and machines and between machines themselves. Human beings should use communication tools in accordance with their dignity and should not be slaves to them. People should be able to protect themselves from invasive online media by using the right tools in the right way.


Convergence is a trend that enables focus in today's diverse, dispersed and online world. Convergence means shortening distances and breaking down barriers and borders. Between people, between people and services and between services themselves.


Our aspiration is to be the customer's preferred company for business IT services. Through the quality of service and the search for common solutions, we want to build a leading position among European ICT companies with global reach.

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What we do

mProfi - mobile communication platform
offer for small and medium-sized enterprises

mProfi is a specialised telecommunications platform for supporting telesales processes and maintaining and building customer relationships. The idea behind the platform is simplicity and intuitiveness handling.

mProfi is an excellent promotional toolwhich relieves companies of the burden of typical marketing activities, such as distributing information/agenda about an event, conducting a poll or survey, or collecting feedback on a product.

High-performance SMS servers

As part of our offer, we provide bulk SMS services and mobile messaging on the basis of dedicated High Performance Message Platform (HPMP) SMS Servers.

The platform has direct links to all Polish mobile operators: T-Mobile, Plus, Orange, Play and fixed networks. It is characterised by high scalability and performance - configurable for customers.

Mobile applications
for business, authorities, organisations

We have developed tools that enable fast and efficient programming of mobile applications for businesses. The solutions we provide for business are made available as communicator, at a very attractive price.

Today, our applications are used by well-known and respected companies, including global corporations and authorities and institutions.

Dedicated projects
tailor-made solutions for companies - applications and dedicated systems

We provide full computerisation of the relationship with the client, enabling consultation and advice at every stage of cooperation. One of the main advantages of our operation is that we can flexibly adapt our corporate solutions to the most demanding client and their needs. This is possible thanks to modern tools and the use of new, but already proven technologies.

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