Modern education

Mobile learning, the so-called mobile learning is becoming an increasingly popular solution. It enables education with the use of portable equipment (tablet, laptop, smartphone) and access to wireless Internet. It focuses on mobility, allowing you to use access to a communication or educational platform at any time and place. The dynamics of learning with the use of m-learning techniques and tools allows for the use of various ways of learning and extending knowledge through intellectual stimulation on various levels. Mobile learning has a wide range of possibilities to use.

The most popular tools include:


fast and easy way to communicate. The enormous potential of SMS and MMS determines the growing importance of mobile communication and the effectiveness of m-learning activities. The message reaches the immediate recipient quickly. It is a tool eagerly used by training companies and foreign language schools. They are used, for example, for notifications about changes in the timetable, for providing additional materials after class, for conducting a mobile survey.

Games and animations

a more expensive tool in mobile learning. However, they have one of the most engaging recipients of indicators. They often combine fun with learning.

Surveys and quizzes

they are primarily used to establish relationships with the recipient. They allow you to check the level of acquired knowledge. They can be used to validate the conducted activities.

The main advantages of mobile learning

Unlimited access

Learning takes place remotely using mobile devices with wireless Internet. This means 24/7 access to a communication or educational platform containing materials, texts, exercises, etc.

Modernizing working methods

Mobile learning uses modern information transmission channels, which increases its attractiveness – in particular among younger generations. In this teaching technique, mobile applications are often used, as well as tailor-made solutions using, for example, a speech recognition algorithm, Text-To-Speech technology.

Personalization of the learning profile

Teaching anywhere and anytime allows you to adapt to individual needs. The learner uses exactly the materials they currently need, both current and previous.

Stronger involvement in the learning process

Gaining knowledge through the use of available m-learning tools allows for greater focus on the information provided. Mobile applications, SMS and MMS communication, mobile games or surveys tailored to the program’s needs arouse interaction, which more strongly motivates the recipient to explore knowledge.

Greater motivation to act

Mobile learning often uses communication platforms and social media to exchange data as well as information between course or training participants. This stimulates competition between individual participants, and thus increases the motivation to acquire knowledge.

Saving money

Mobile learning means cost savings. On the part of the person offering the courses, there is no need to rent the premises, which reduces the total cost of the training. On the user’s side, the costs associated with travel are limited.