Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

New mobile applications for business are constantly appearing on the global market – their number is measured in millions! Modern smartphones support dozens of them, each of them can be used for something different: for fun, for restaurant reservations, for viewing photos or for communication. However, we focus on solutions created especially for companies, aimed at better organization of work, reducing costs, better contact with customers or faster profit.

Unfortunately, the production cost of any new system is measured in weeks of development, testing and publication. Depending on its complexity, this often means a significant investment.

That is why we have created tools that enable quick and effective development of mobile applications for companies. The business solutions we provide are made available as a communicator at a very attractive price. Currently, our services are used by well-known and respected companies, including global corporations and public institutions.

Messenger personalization

Our messenger works on the basis of a uniform framework, thanks to which the application is created quickly and efficiently. Nevertheless, each application can retain its individual character thanks to the personalization of a number of visual elements. That is why individual elements of the graphic design, colors, contact details and feedback forms are designed for each application separately in accordance with the client’s guidelines.

It is similar with the regulations of the service and information channels – each user of the application decides what content he wants to receive from the sender.

Two-way communication

We call our application the MESSENGER, because it is used for two-way exchange of content between the administrator and recipients. A typical example is the relationship between the CITY / COMMUNE OFFICE and INHABITANTS, or the PARISH-FAITHFUL, or COMPANY-EMPLOYEES or DISTRIBUTOR-CUSTOMERS. In all these environments, effective, fast and cheap communication is essential. There are thousands of instant messages to be sent out.