Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

We have ready-made solutions that allow us to increase the functionality of enterprises and institutions. The SMS platform is created on the basis of a thorough analysis of customers’ problems, and aims to best adapt solutions to individual needs, preferences, work mode or business profile. We take care to find the right solution from the ready-made mobile marketing offer, taking into account the adaptation to the services provided by the client.

Our ready-made solutions use the original design of the SMS platform. It is a communication platform for companies that allows users to configure services based on text messages as well as voice messages and automatic recipient registration. The system allows you to use the full potential of the message. Contemporary consumers use mobile phones almost constantly, they almost always have the device with them. That is why it is worth considering their optimal use.

SMS communication allows you to:
reaching the recipient directly,
directing the message to a wide audience,
transmission at low cost,
reaching recipients immediately,
achieving a high level of response,
automation and personalization of the message.

Application range
The communication platform uses the most primitive SMS function. It primarily allows you to send a short text message. It should also be remembered that currently mobile communication can also use messages such as MMS, VMS, QR codes. SMS notifications may contain links. The possibility of responding to advertisements in this form gives the opportunity to use SMS communication in such areas as:

mobile courses

  • cyclical notification of notifications can be used to create a training program. The recipient receives content at specified intervals that build awareness and consolidate specific messages.
    voting, polls, contests
  • SMS communication can be used to conduct voting or polls in real time. This allows you to learn about the preferences of customers or existing users, gather opinions, etc.
    contacts database
  • SMS notification system provides an opportunity to build a database according to your preferences.
    actions and campaigns
  • SMS marketing eagerly uses the solution in the form of cyclical sending of text ads, QR codes or links to specific videos or images.
    Application area
    Mobile communication is used in many areas and industries. SMS for companies and used by companies are configured in such a way as to adapt them to the company’s business profile. Examples of application areas:

Institutions and offices
State offices and municipal institutions use the SMS Center to promote their activities and inform residents and citizens about e.g. cultural, sports, political, etc. events. It allows the transfer of information about possible crisis situations and threats.

Health Service
Outpatient clinics, doctor’s offices, and rehabilitation centers use the SMS platform to improve patient registration and service, e.g. sending test results, appointment reminders, visit cancellation option.

Organization of events
Mobile communication allows you to use SMS for companies organizing various types of events. All event preparation units and participants are kept informed of the event before, during and after the event.

The communication platform is used in logistics to notify couriers, senders and recipients. All participants in the delivery process are well informed about the delivery time, possible changes, etc.

The mProfi communication platform with the API solution allows you to use text messages to inform customers about the status of the order, discounts or rewards for participation in the loyalty program, etc.

Banks and financial institutions often use mobile communication in the form of a system for authenticating transfers, radiating payments, etc.

Travel agencies use SMS notifications and reminders to communicate important names to trip participants. These can be, for example, reminders about vaccinations, visas, passports; information about tourist attractions on site, news about changes in the travel schedule, etc.