Number verification

Number verification

The numbers verification service is used in the process of verifying the databases of mobile numbers. With its help, it is possible to confirm general information about the number itself, such as belonging to a given mobile network, and detailed information such as the name of the network to which the number is logged in, the status of the number’s activity, etc. The third aspect is to verify the temporary activity and availability of the number – on the level of its reachability and occupation.

Depending on the type of information expected, we offer the following options for the numbers verification service:


* BASIC package uses databases of ported numbers and allows only to determine the target network to which a given number type belongs. This information cannot be interpreted as an indication of the registration of a given number in the network or its activity.

* PROFI package uses queries to HLR registers of mobile operators. Thanks to this, the information obtained is up-to-date and allows to determine its location (country), correctness and certain aspects of activity (logged in to the network, etc.)

* The TELCO package involves specific telecommunications services to check the quality of the number. This form is perfect for verifying the status of the number and its availability in the telecommunications network.