Predictive Dialers

Predictive Dialers

Efficient dialing: dialer

They are part of the Call Center system and are responsible for the automatic establishment of outgoing calls – dialers are a frequently used solution in modern telecommunications centers and for communication platforms. They operate in a simple way by making calls to the numbers of a previously prepared contact list. Dialer is a tool eagerly used for campaigns outgoing in various types of Call Centers. They automatically dial phone numbers downloaded from the database.

Solutions available on the market

Currently, there are three basic types of dialers, which differ mainly in the way agents work pace. When making a decision about choosing the right solution for your own communication platform, customer service point or sales department, it is worth considering the solutions available on the market.

Preview dialer

He is particularly focused on the quality of contact with the client. The agent has a preview of the client’s data, which allows you to view the history of connections and conversations. After getting acquainted with the available information, he can choose the appropriate conversation strategy and connect to a specific customer via the connect button (automatic dialing). With this solution, the Agent decides independently whether he wants to talk to a specific client now or at a later date – then he can switch to another record.

Progressive dialer

It is largely focused on the efficiency of Call Center work. The dialer independently selects the number from the database and automatically connects with the client, but the Agent cannot omit the number and does not receive any information, so he cannot prepare for the call. With the progressive standard, there is no possibility of filtering unsuccessful connections, and therefore the actual working time of agents is reduced. Often, such a solution has a predetermined time to enter notes after the end of the conversation, and after this time has elapsed, it automatically connects to the next number.

Predictive dialer

It is the most technically advanced solution. Predictive dialer uses complex algorithms designed to analyze and control various types of data. It allows you to filter failed connections and make multiple connections, while the agent accepts only those calls that are actually answered by a real person. During the conversation, information about the Client is displayed to the Agent in the information base and helps to conduct the conversation properly.

Preview dialerProgressive dialerPredictive dialer
Does the agent initiate the connection itself?YesNoNo
Does the agent have time to get acquainted with the data before contact?YesNo (during a conversation)No (during a conversation)
Does the dialer provide filtering of busy calls, voicemail calls, missed calls?NoNoYes
Does the system evolve (does it adapt to agents’ availability and the way they work)?NoNoYes
Does the system independently determine subsequent contact attempts for missed calls?NoNoYes