Newly as COMVERGA from 1 January 2021

We have been on the market as MATERNA for 20 years and we are constantly deepening our relationships with long-term and strategic customers and partners. At the same time, we have reached the point where we would like to connect our vision and mission with the very name of the company.
We therefore decided on a new name for our company on 1 January 2021. The new name COMVERGA reflects the importance of communication and convergence in the long-term functioning of our company.


Communication is a key tool to build and maintain healthy society. Communication between people themselves, between people and machines and between machines themselves. Human beings should use communication tools in line with their dignity and should not become slaves of them. They should be able to protect themselves against invasive online media by using right tools in right ways.


Convergence is a trend enabling a person being in focus within today´s varied, distributed and online world. Convergence means shortening distances and breaking barriers and borders. Between people themselves, between people and services and between services themselves.


Our goal is to be the customer's preferred partner in communications. Through the quality of services and the search for common solutions, we want to build a leading position among European companies in the communications and IT market with global reach.

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