Billing for FUSION IoT

Billing for FUSION IoT

The FUSION IoT customer and partner data SIM card management platform – straightforward, automatic and administrative burden free. The user-friendly interface provides End users with information about the SIM card and data usage overview, while allowing data purchase and online payment.

We are a long-standing partner and supplier of the FUSION IoT platform. As a result, we are now able to offer COMVERGA Billing for FUSION IoT, which allows us to provide additional services on M2M SIM cards throughout their lifecycle.

The service is intended for all FUSION IoT customers and partners who want to offer data top-up, provide all information about the SIM card, etc. to the End users of their devices with a FUSION IoT SIM card. 

Main benefits

Simple and online

Clear and intuitive
user web self-care

Data rebuy within few clicks,
online payment

Automatic generation
of documents

End user

Solution description

The End user gets

  • Data usage overview
  • Data rebuys
  • Convenient online payment

Customer / Partner gets

  • User web self-care
  • Personalised payment confirmation
  • Effortless summary for accounting

Billing for FUSION IoT offers

  • Status overview
  • Data package order flow
  • Money collection via multiple payment channels/methods
  • Automatic document issuance for End users and for your accounting
  • End user notifications before package exhaustion (time/volume)


1 year


2000 €setup fee

99 €*monthly

  • Basic functions
  • Automatic SIM synchronisation via the FUSION IoT portal During registration, the platform checks whether the customer number entered is registered as a FUSION IoT partner. All necessary SIM card information and other data (e.g. import of available data packets) are automatically downloaded from the FUSION IoT platform.
  • Setting tariffs and prices for data packages Individual tariffs for end customers can be set up in the Partner portal. Each package can be named individually, pricing conditions can be set for individual packages, etc. These tariffs are then automatically offered in the End user environment.
  • Automatic payment processing with bank card The service offers the end consumer the possibility to pay online with a bank card. The payment is part of the ordering process and is processed fully automatically. The service also includes payment pairing and other payment-related processes.
  • Widget for integration into your own environment As part of the service, the partner receives a widget that can be integrated into their own company website, for example. In the partner portal, it is possible to insert own logo, change the colour scheme and thus ensure the corporate identity of this widget.
  • Personalised payment confirmation for end customers After payment, a payment receipt is automatically generated and sent to the end user. This receipt contains the partner's data and can be customised in the partner portal according to the partner's needs.
  • Automated summary documents for accounting As part of the service, the partner receives automatically generated overview documents for accounting. This eliminates the inefficient manual processing of individual documents, which significantly reduces costs.
  • Status overview of the SIM card Within the service, the end user can be provided with a clear and simple environment where they can get an up-to-date overview of the status of the SIM card, the expiry date, etc.findet. Der Status der SIM-Karte wird auch im Partnerportal angezeigt.
  • Overview of data usage The end-user environment contains an overview of the current status of data usage on a specific SIM card. The user can view the total amount of data, the data consumed and the data volume. The validity period of the data package is also displayed.
  • Ordering a new data package The end user can purchase data in his selfcare at any time. The user chooses from the packages offered with the prices set by the partner. The ordering process is designed to be as simple as possible (with just a few clicks).
Optional functions
Detailed pricelist

* Prices are without VAT

1 year


10 000 €setup fee

from 450 €*monthly

  • Basic functions
  • All basic functions from Premium
  • Setting up and managing the client/partner structure The platform allows you to set up a customer structure. Individual conditions, commissions and sales price lists can be set up for each customer. The entire settlement of commissions to the individual partners is done automatically, including the creation and sending of receipts and financial documents. Within the partner portal, clear dashboards can be set up per customer.
  • Selfcare portal with client logo and colour scheme End-user selfcare can be personalised for each client. The logo and colour scheme are configurable within the portal. The widget can be integrated into the client's website and can be named individually.
  • Managing QR codes for direct access to Selfcare The service allows you to create QR codes, send them automatically by email or print them for end users. QR codes can be created individually or in bulk and changed over time as needed. The original QR code becomes invalid.
  • Management of SMS notifications and automation of distribution (information about an ending or almost used data package, etc.) Within the service, communication plans for individual events can be individually defined in terms of SIM card life, data package usage, etc. Notifications can be sent via various communication channels (e-mail, SMS). Specific events and notification texts are configurable.
  • Integration of own payment gateway With this service you can query the payment gateway of your partner
Optional functions
Detailed pricelist

* Prices are without VAT

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