What we do

What we do

We are a stable family company, we are constantly developing and following new trends. We have a twenty-year successful history in the telecommunications industry. Through the quality of our services and the search for common solutions we are building a leading position among European companies in the communications and IT market.

We develop and operate our own infrastructure to provide services independent of technology, vendors and networks. We connect different networks and host providers to our infrastructure to offer a range of converged services to our partners and customers.

What are convergent services?

What are convergent services? Converged services are services that merge traditionally separate technologies or areas to provide an integrated and improved user experience. This can include, for example, the combination of telecommunication services (such as telephony, internet, and television) or the integration of different functions and services in a single device or platform.  

A typical example of convergent services are offerings that provide both fixed and mobile telephony, internet access and television broadcasting via a single infrastructure or platform. By converging these services, users can benefit from seamless integration and an improved user experience by being able to use multiple services through a common interface or billing system.