Vacant positions

Developer of Payment and Telecommunication System
System/Application Manager
Service Manager of IT/Telco Services

Who we are

We cherish our partners

Our success is based on long-term stable relationships with partners and customers. We pamper our partners. We do not abandon them and we help them in their business. Our partner can rely on us.

We are growing every year not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad and we have big plans.

We also pamper our employees

We know that it is becoming increasingly difficult to stop and relax in a high work pace. That’s why we try to combine work with relaxation and to be as helpful as possible to our employees.

We’d love to hear from you and expand our benefits to include more.

We are a family business

We are a smaller family business with 2 generations involved and a third growing :). We have a 20-year successful history in Telecommunications.

We create truly unique IT solutions tailored to our customers. We run our own platform for Management and Billing services. We connect and network.

We work from anywhere

We also create a tailor-made environment for our team members. We have facilities in Prague, HK, Trutnov, but also in Berlin or Warsaw. But everyone can work from the comfort of their own home.

We have a relaxed atmosphere. We are flexible and we can adapt to the needs of your family and your hobbies.

What we offer

We provide our people with benefits that allow them to work freely. We place a great emphasis on a work life balance.

We have flexible working hours, the ability to work from anywhere, 5 weeks holiday, meal allowances, contributions to education and entertainment and personal development, all-day refreshments, and we celebrate important events together.

We build a friendly team based on individuality, we discuss, respect each other, and resolve mistakes constructively.

Get ready for an open-minded, informal environment.

If you are interested or have any questions.
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