Business Process Outsourcing in Telco (BPO)

Do you want to run your own telecommunications operator? Do you want to use electronic communications to streamline your business or marketing processes? Don’t have your own resources or don’t want to build them? Contact us, we will help you.

We have decades of experience in the operation of telecommunications services and applications. We will provide you with business planning, product management, marketing campaign management, sales management, service billing, payment management and customer support processes.

Service Delivery Platform as a Service (PaaS)

We develop and operate our own communication platforms and applications. We follow the latest technological trends and tailor our solutions to individual partners and projects. Our goal is to provide these solutions at optimal costs and in the shortest possible time. We use the most modern agile development procedures.

Telco Infrastructure Operation (CaaS)

We develop and operate our own telecommunications infrastructure. This allows us to provide quality services independent of technology, suppliers and networks.

We connect operators and service providers on our infrastructure so that we can offer a full range of converged services to our partners and customers.

Messaging / SMS Services

If you need to communicate quickly and efficiently with your partners, customers, clients, use communication via SMS. You can use SMS one-way, for example, to inform your customers about news, price offers, current discounts. Or it is possible to contact customers, citizens and process their answers in both directions using an SMS survey and campaign.

In addition to SMS, you can also use voice messages, emails and various communication applications in your communication.

Payment Services

We offer our partners a modern payment system, which enables their customers to can pay for various services without cash using their mobile phone, payment card or bank transfer. It is possible to use various billing models – post-paid services, pre-paid services, subscription or hot billing.

Professional Services in Telco

We provide consulting and management services in the field of telecommunications, especially product management, sales management, preparation of business cases and business plans, project management and service management.

Application and Solution Development

The creation of customer applications and portals, especially based on our communication platform, is another of our domains. The solution from us includes the processing of assignments, analysis, solution design and continues through the programming itself, testing and ends with the implementation into real operation. If required by the customer, we also provide operation, supervision and support for solving problems or possible changes and updates for our applications.