Detail of Omnichannel

Detail of Omnichannel


Detail of service

Channel integration

COMVERGA Omnichannel offers the integration of different communication channels in one platform and the setting of rules for their use. Preferences can be set according to the end user, according to the partner’s requirements or based on the availability of the communication channel.
The platform offers the possibility to create your own branded messaging application for unique communication with your customers. You can use predefined templates for creating campaigns, which will make the creation of a given media plan as easy as possible.

Basic functionalities

  • Unified Open API
  • Two-way communication
  • Brand management for communication
  • Integration of resources for individual campaigns
  • Unified and universal access to resources and channels
  • Setting and managing channel priorities
  • Verification of channel availability
  • Fallback if a channel is unavailable
  • Definition, management and comprehensive dialogue management

Basic principles

Within COMVERGA Omnichannel, different campaigns can be defined with different types and communication flow (just one selected type for each campaign).
Each campaign is then made up of individual dialogues that are independent of each other. For each dialogue, sources, recipients, senders and time limits are always defined.
A dialogue can be initiated from either side to start the defined campaign.


COMVERGA Omnichannel contains predefined types of individual campaigns, called mechanics, with the possibility to create a new mechanic for a specific project.
Existing mechanics offer both Outbound and Inbound campaigns with a choice of direct order, payment, etc.

Channel definition and priorities

  • Priorities are set individually
  • Trying to choose the most appropriate channel
  • Suitability of channel per campaign or per partner
  • Use of preferred and cost-optimal channel
  • Choice of channel according to available customer data
  • Choice according to user’s presence in other messengers


  • Using COMVERGA Service Delivery Platform
  • Manage contacts, groups, resources, users, inbox
  • Easy campaign definition, mechanic, approval process


  • Maximum functionality as in GUI
  • Unified API across channels
  • Secure communication
  • Simplified integration
  • Ability to automatically generate code in more than 50 programming languages

Available and supported channels

  • SMS
  • Email
  • MMS
  • RCS
  • Telegram
  • Voice messages
  • Web microsites
  • Other messenger apps

Possibilities of use

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales
  • Complete order process
  • Acquisition
  • Authorisation
  • Customer care
  • Comments and Warnings
  • Info canal