Detail of RCS

Detail of RCS

RCS & Business Messaging

Detail of service

Basic principles

RCS enables multimedia bidirectional communication between devices that have the RCS service active. No special application needs to be installed – RCS is a native part of Android OS. The customer thus sees the conversation directly in the messaging app along with the SMS. RCS supports features such as group conversations, typing indication, message read and voice calls, as well as file transfer up to 100 MB in size. RCS also allows users to see when their contacts are online, like instant messaging apps.

Communication options

  • Sending codes, voting
  • Media (videos, images, recordings, maps, files)
  • Product offer
  • Group chat, directories, groups
  • Location, phone number input
  • Payments and more

RCS Business Messaging

COMVERGA RBM solution provides companies with a more secure and cost-effective way to communicate. It helps build a stronger brand awareness and customer loyalty. Some of the benefits COMVERGA RBM include:

  • Using the standard for business communication
  • Attractive way of communication with customer
  • Integration with internal systems (CRM, ERP, etc.)
  • Customer base building and campaign targeting
  • Instrument for supporting customer loyalty
  • Fast and efficient customer care

Basic functionalities

COMVERGA RCS is fully integrated into the SDP platform and offers user-friendly access as well as advanced management with dialog options and connections to DialogFlow. Basic functionalities include:

  • Authenticated Sender – increased security
  • Optional service branding
  • The advantage of multimedia content
  • QR code for ordering, tracking and more
  • Delivery and read information
  • Reaction buttons (calendar, map, URL etc.)

Possibilities of use

COMVERGA RCS is used by Premium partners for the following events:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales
  • Complete order process
  • Acquisition
  • Authorization
  • Customer care
  • Notifications and Warnings
  • Ticketing