KlokanMobil from January 2024 part of the COMVERGA Group

01.01. 2024 |  Prague

COMVERGA invests in joint ventures with strategic partners to ensure the long-term development of key projects. One such venture is Quadruple, which has acquired a 100% stake in the virtual mobile operator KlokanMobil. COMVERGA will take over the operation of this operator in a fully collaborative BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) mode. This will enable the optimization of the operator’s operating costs and at the same time expand the range of services for Klokan’s customers with additional services from the group’s portfolio.

This acquisition strengthens COMVERGA’s market position and further increases its market share.

COMVERGA has decades of experience in operating telecommunications services and applications. For its partners it provides, among other things, business planning processes, product management, marketing campaign management, sales management, service billing, payment management and customer support processes.